The Best Jobs For Creative Techies

The world is changing. More than ever, people aren’t required to get a 9 to 5 job working at an office or local restaurant. Creative people in particular are able to find ways to support themselves in ways they were never able to before. Photographers, graphic designers, and bloggers have something in common, aside from running a phone number lookup on their clients and employers. They all take advantage of the way the world is opening itself up to creativity and giving these people a chance to make a living with their talents.

Finding work isn’t necessarily easier than before, but there are more opportunities, thanks to the internet and technology. The way that people are making a life for themselves has changed. For example, social media sites like Instagram have become a way for them to make money.

Top Creative Tech Jobs


In 2018, a photographer has more opportunities than people working in the industry have ever had before. It starts with a social media presence. Now, a photographer can make a profile on Instagram to serve as a portfolio and share their work with the world. While there’s a lot of competition, there’s also a lot of opportunity. People on Instagram can get sponsored by a company, or their posts can lead to a professional gig with a photography agency.


Videography is similar to photography in how creative people are able to put themselves on the map, but they work in an entirely different field. Many videographers have established themselves by filming weddings or other events. Instagram offers them a way to get their name out there, and then they can use a phone number lookup to learn more about the people who want to work with them.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can also go out into the world and establish themselves. They’re able to work for almost any type of business, because every company needs a logo made at some point. Social media is a great way for a graphic designer to share their work and start a portfolio.


Bloggers can make a name for themselves.
Bloggers can make a living writing about what they’re passionate about.

While this job typically requires less formal training, bloggers can end up being more influential in the long run. They turn their Instagram into an illustrative blog and share their experiences with the world. In addition, bloggers write about travel, food, and lifestyle topics. Some focus on yoga, others on fitness. What they all have in common is that they use social media to make themselves relevant.

Digital advances from the last ten years have given people the ability to showcase themselves, with just a smartphone and an internet connection. Sharing their stories with the world, young creative people can have more of an impact than ever, without a formal education or even experience.

The good news for creative people is that the world offers them more opportunity than it ever has. As long as they use a phone number lookup website, they can keep themselves safe while looking for gigs. There are a lot of people who have made a living by sharing their creativity with the world through social media. You could be next.