Should You Share A Social Media Account With Your Partner?

People have mixed feelings about whether or not it’s ok for couples to share a social media account, like having a joint Facebook account or Instagram account. To some people that sends a clear message that one of the partners cheated at some point and now can’t be trusted online. But to others it makes perfect sense. Here are a few other totally legitimate reasons why a couple might have a joint social media account:

One Partner Has A Job That Requires Privacy

If one of the partners in a couple works for a government agency, is in the military, or has a job that requires strict privacy and confidentiality the two partners might have a joint account so that the partner with the strict job can still keep in touch with friends and family but not have their own searchable social media account.

One Partner Isn’t Social Media Savvy

It could be the case that one of the partners in the relationship doesn’t know how to use social media and doesn’t want to learn so the two partners share an account that is run by the partner that is more familiar with social media. Even my parents do this. My dad has no desire at all to use social media. My mom is quite social and loves using social media. Having a joint account allows family members to contact my dad as well as my mom.

One Partner Just Doesn’t Care About Social Media

It seems unlikely in this day and age that someone wouldn’t want to be on social media all the time. There are lots of people who really don’t want to use social media and don’t want to share their lives. So for those people it is probably a relief to have a spouse that is willing to handle all the chores. That way both spouses are happy. It can also make it easy to avoid comments online.