How Internet Marketing Will Change in 2019

Marketing your website or product relies on search engines on the internet. For now, the most visited and used search engine on the planet is Google.  There are other contenders out there such as Yahoo and Bing as well as a newcomer called DuckDuckGo. However, it’s most likely they’ll be using the same methods as Google does. 2018 marked several changes in search engine optimization or SEO, and 2019 SEO will most likely be changing how you do internet marketing.

Crash Course on SEO

For beginners out there, SEO is all about making your website attractive to search engines. You are competing with thousands of websites on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a particular keyword that describes your website or product. For example, if you’re selling handmade sweaters, you are possibly not the only person doing that. There may be even other people talking about handmade sweaters like doing reviews, companies and online stores selling such sweaters and more. So, how does a search engine determine if your webpage should appear on the first SERP and at what ranking? That’s why SEO techniques were created.

SEO in 2019 – Flirting with Google and other Search Engine Sites

Search engine optimization in 2019 will likely change and it might affect new and old websites altogether. These are simple steps so that you will be ready for the new year and be ahead of the competitor.

Understanding the Keywords of Your Product or Website

The best way to describe this is to think and act like you’re the customer. Ask yourself, what keywords would you use to look for your product? Using the previous example “handmade sweaters”, you could possibly use “homemade sweater”, “handknitted jacket” and “knitted clothing” as possible keywords.

If you have the money, a focus group or paid survey asking about what they think of “handmade sweaters” would be helpful. Show them a bunch of keywords related to the first keyword or product and ask them to check their top 5 keywords. Curate the results and get your top 5 keywords.

Create an Internet Marketing Plan

So, you now have a product and keywords to describe it. It’s time for a marketing plan. These are the many ways you can present your product to the world.

  • Graphic images – Pictures of your products as stand-alone or worn by a model.
  • Videos – With video streaming services for free, you can make 30 to as long as 15-minute videos to talk about your product.
  • Article write-ups – You can do the write-ups yourself or hire a good copywriter to create several articles about your product, your company and yourself. Articles should have the proper keyword density, HTML and more so that it won’t be flagged by search engines as auto-generated content.

Once you have these ready, it’s time to talk about how to spread them to the world.

Executing your Marketing Plan

These are the many ways you can promote your product or website. They can either be paid or free and each of them has pros and cons. For free marketing, you’d have fewer expenses to focus on your product, but the progress might be slow, and reach won’t be that far. Paid marketing costs more and you have better chances of reaching more people in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Social Media – Popular platforms have lots of users that can be targets of your ad campaigns. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on “viral” posts, so your campaign might make a small splash if another viral thing hits the internet.
  • Blog posts – Steady information that will exist on the internet as long as it’s up. Will target a relatively low number of people at first but with a good written article and SEO, you’ll find exposure for your product.
  • Email Marketing – Rarely used these days as most people have spam filters or find email marketing very intrusive.  Only use this for personal messages and special promos every now and then.
  • Offline Marketing – Very tricky to pull off and requires a lot of resources. Events in the real world can have a chance of going viral especially if mainstream media covers it. You can run a social media game that asks people to post online with hashtags and you give out raffle prizes.

When to Hire SEO Specialists

If you’re uncertain about the future of SEO in the year 2019, then you can hire SEO consultancies. These are companies that have studied search engine optimization. They can help you with the above-mentioned strategies, so you can focus more on your product.

With the new year comes new possibilities. These tips are just guides for the future. We still don’t know what the companies who own the search engines will do in 2019. What’s important is you have to be ready and you have to know when to hire an SEO consultancy.