Easy Photography Tips

Photography Tips 

Many people take pictures on their phones thinking that makes them a photographer. The iPhone X takes amazing pictures, but that’s not considered real photography. Although you can lookup gossip articles like how to forgive infidelity. Anyway, the truth is many people overestimate their skill with a camera. They relying on their experience with a smartphone and just upgrade to a professional DSLR camera. This usually doesn’t work, so follow my photography tips for beginners. 

You need a good camera not your phone

Everyone starts somewhere, and if your taking pictures that’s still experience. The first step is not to be discouraged, it will take time for you to gain photography skills. Knowing the exact settings for picture taking and lighting will be learned. You could also take a class with a professional photographer. Although make sure you do a background check first with Kiwi searches

Take Pictures Every Day

If you want to get into DSLR photography you need to practice. I would recommend practicing in manual mode. Once in manual mode you should shoot pictures with a two second timer on a tripod. Shooting long exposures at night is probably the most difficult. So, I would save that for last. The best way to shorten the learning curve is to follow these photography tips. 

Practice Editing

The backend of photography is just as important as the photo itself. Most beginner photographers aren’t familiar with Lightroom or Photoshop.These editing programs are absolutely essential to the process of digital photography. If you want to become a skilled photographer, you are going to want to spend time editing photos. Having the right editing software is extremely important. 

photography tips
Have fun taking pictures

Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

If your truly a beginner, you won’t know the terms aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Aperture refers to the depth of field, or how much of the picture is in focus. Shutter speed refers to how long the shutter speed is open. ISO is how the camera adjusts to the lighting of the area it is shooting in.

These are just a few photography tips to help you improve your skills. An investment in a DSLR camera is a serious one, but it depends on how far your going with this. You should be practicing no matter what kind of camera you have. Read my last post about nasty comments on social media